Raising A Flock of Chickens and Ducks For the Family

Our flock of chickens and ducks have brought endless joy and entertainment to my family. From the time they were little peeps to the first egg they laid, we have enjoyed many adventures raising our flock.

I love to hear the sound of our four roosters have a crowing match at dawn and I love the smell of fresh eggs cooking in a cast iron skillet. My adoration for these birds and joy of cooking led me to make this flock of potholders.

The ducks have been the most entertaining animal by far. They were so cute as baby ducklings and now they are so funny as adults.

Having fresh eggs on hand is always great. But having composted manure for the garden is even better. My vegetables couldn't thrive in this sandy soil without it. The easiest wat is to take the soiled pine straw bedding and mulch the garden with it.

After having raised chickens, guineas, and ducks, I would like to try turkeys next.

What do you love about your family flock?

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