Living Outdoors and Loving It!

I have always enjoyed spending time outside exploring all the beauty nature has to offer. When I was a child, we would spend our weekends camping and fishing at the many lakes of Minnesota. Now that I live in Florida, I take my family exploring and swimming in the beautiful Florida State Parks. My home is located in the rural countryside near Florida's Garden of Eden and Torreya State Park.

If you quietly sit outside at night around the fire pit, you will hear wild animals calling to one another. Coyotes, pathers, wild boars, raccoons, deer and wild turkeys are just a few of the recognizable calls we have heard. In the morning, after it has rained, we walk down the sandy driveway to discover large paw prints, deer tracks, possum tail tracks and Gopher Tortoise tracks that were made in the night.

I truly love living out here and I am happy to share pictures and stories of the beautiful creatures I find along the way. Follow my instagram account @TorreyaTreasures to see more pictures of Florida's beautiful Garden of Eden.

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