Every Home Needs This Crochet Item

This crochet item is a must have for anyone with hard floors. I have gone through and thrown away so many adhesive felt pads that didn't last. I am so pleased to use these instead.

Sometimes we crochet things that may not be entirely practical but we do it just for fun. Well, these chair socks are very practical in every way.

First of all, adhesive felt pads are always falling off the chair's feet. They never seem to last very long. These chair socks stay on perfectly because they wrap entirely around the chair leg.

Secondly, they are so easy to stitch it's the perfect project for beginners. Lastly, because you can use up leftover yarn in your stash. And when you use up your leftover yarn, you have a reason to go out and buy more yarn! Yippee!

How do you make these chair socks?


Using worsted weight yarn and a size H crochet hook;

Round 1: Make a magic circle or slipknot circle, ch 1, single crochet 5 times into circle,

Round 2: 2 single crochet in the top of first single crochet stitch made in round 1, 2 single crochet in each of the next 4 stitches (10 sc total).

Round 3: Continue to single crochet in each stitch around until you've reached the desired height (9 rounds = about 2 inches).

Experiment with different yarns and see what you like best. Or make your chair socks look like animal paws or other designs.

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