Crochet Poppy Flower Free Pattern

This free crochet pattern is a lovely Poppy Flower that I designed and I would like to share it with you.

Sew the flower onto bags, hats, legwarmers, or headbands and make your project "pop"!

You will need black and red worsted weight yarn, size G/4.25mm crochet hook and a button.

Step 1:

Using black, make a magic circle/ slipknot circle, ch 3 (counts as a dc st), 11 dc into circle, slst to top of ch 3 to join. Fasten off. (12 dc total)

Step 2: Join color red in any dc st, [ch 4 (counts as a tr st), htr, dc] all in the same st, sc into original center circle from step 1, * [dc, htr, tr] in next st, [tr, htr, dc] in next st, sc into center circle, repeat from * more times, [dc, htr, tr] in last st, slst to top of ch 4 to join. Fasten off.

Secure center slipknot circle and sew a button in the center.

Click here to see what I made with my Poppy Flowers

Flower Slippers

Flower Purse

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