Chain Again and Again

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

The first thing you learn to make when you begin to crochet is a chain. A chain stitch is a very basic stitch and is the foundation for many patterns.

To improve your crochet technique, practice making chains of different sizes and gauges. Your focus is to keep a consistent stitch size for the length of chain, without twisting or turning the stitches.

Start off by making a very loose chain.

Next, make a very tight chain.

Then, make a natural chain that's not too loose or tight.

Find fun ways to stitch using only chains, like this flower pattern:

Simple Crochet Flower Pattern

Step 1: Ch 5 and slst into first ch link to form a ring.

Step 2: Ch 12 and slst into center ring. Repeat step two about 20 times. Fasten off and place a large button in the center.

Click here to see what else I made with this pattern:

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