About Me

Years ago, I was invited over to a friend's home in the middle of winter. As I entered, I removed my snowy, cold, and muddy shoes at the door. My friend brought out a basket filled with handmade slippers and offered me a pair to wear. There were a dozen slippers in all different colors, shapes, and sizes. I had such fun wearing them that I decided to make slippers of my own.I enjoy working with my hands, no matter if it's knitting, crocheting, weaving vine baskets or weeding the garden. I love to hold the tangible results of hard work in my hands. My shop is located in the rural backwoods of northwest Florida. This beautiful woodland is home to unique and rare wildlife and is rumored to be the site of the Biblical "Garden of Eden". It is the only place on earth where you can find the very rare Torreya Pine tree. This unusual pine tree is also known as gopher wood, which is the wood Noah used to build an ark. I love the outdoors and I am thankful to be able to capture the beauty of this country side in my photos. Please follow @torreyatreasures on instagram to see more beautiful photos of this Garden of Eden.